Friday, 1 December 2006

Updates from Phil Dec 2006

Dear Beloved in the Lord,

Loving greetings in the Lord’s name. We have experienced the Lord’s grace in the last six months.

People Profiles are published online
We press on in faith until the Lord uses us more to stand in the gap of ministry among the still least reached peoples of the country. I had visited, ministered and wrote about 10 people groups on the hills. They are poor in several ways, isolated and marginalized without any effective Christian witness among them. These 10 stories were published in Malayalam in the India Focus and republished by Almaya Sabdam. These profiles are published by 3C and are on the web now. Kindly visit and see People Profiles. There no prayer points mentioned though these are fuel for prayer. If you would like to see more profiles published, kindly let us know. There another 30 profiles edited by me, published on If you are interested in reading about and praying for those people, kindly write to me so that I can give the exact links of each of those 30 groups.

Aji’s story

Recently I met Aji when he came to meet me at Nilambur Railway Station. He told me that he had prepared detailed write-ups of 36 tribal groups. According to him, he was inspired by the narrative profiles I had been writing two years ago. I personally was inspired by a story of a primitive people I read as a small boy and motivated by a prayer mobilisation tool prepared for children by Jill Johnston. One thing is sure, when we write or motive people to pray, the Lord sends His labourers. Do get involved in mobilizing prayer for missions. I would like to visit more places and write about the unheard people of our country. We request your prayers and feedback in this.

We are safe!
We give praises to God for His protection. Japhia had a choir practice and we had to pick her from school. Her younger sister Jerusha too had to stay back at school without returning by the school bus. I had taken half a day-leave to take Jessy for a blood test. All of us had to travel back on my scooter while at the traffic signal, we were to halt. I was slowing down and it became dead slow before the brake cable broke off, and hitting a jeep in my front. Japhia was in the front and her face hit on the back of the jeep, braking two of her front teeth. Other than this all of us were safe. But this has brought new troubles and burdens for us. Jessy had to go through a few tests as part of some medical consultation.

Joash continues to go to school by cycling. He is helped at the school but we have difficulty in managing his learning at home. We appreciate your prayers for us.

The Lord’s Provision
The Lord provided us that we could live here in this city. The Lord provided us in unexpected ways. Our basic expenses so far had been more than double of the allowance I get from the Christian organization I help. We have been wondering and praying to know if we should look for more opportunities so that I can earn enough for our expenses here. In any case, the Lord is our provider and we depend on Him. This is a great matter of concern now and we appreciate you praying with us.

With much love and prayerful regards,

Yours in the Lord,
Jerusha, Japhia, Joash
Jessy and Philipose Vaidyar
Anna Nagar, Chennai Phone: 09444 06

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